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Advantage Compared
 Anizided AluminumBatch Anodizing
Oxide layer qualityHigh consistencyVariable
Color differenceHigh color consistencyPoor consistency
Stability of productionFully automaticAnodizing manually
CapacityHigh efficiencyLow efficiency
DimensionsAnodizing in coil form with custom lengthLimited by anodization pond
Environmental friendlyLower than national standardGreat influence to adjacent area

 Anizided AluminumPainted Aluminum
Corrosion resistancePass CASS testSubject to filiform corrosin
Base metal qualityAnodizing qualityVariable
Durability of surfacePass 1000h artificial accelerated ageing testGloss and brightness dimmed by time
Oxide layer quality Oxide layer hardness 9HPoor
Metallic textureMetallic look retainedResin cover
Environmental friendlyFully recyclableContain large amounts of VOCs

 Anizided AluminumStainless Steel
Corrosion resistanceExcellentExcellent
Franklinism resistanceDo not attract fingerprints and smudgesContaminate dust, require constant cleaning
WeightLight weight3 times as heavy as aluminum
FlatnessExcellentFlawed flatness effect, risk of deformation
Environmental friendlyFully recyclableCannot fully recyclable

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