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Solar Energy


For  the first time,besides PVD coatings,a highly selective nano-composite coating for solar thermal applications is now available.Alusol is an inorganic-organic lacquer system deposited on aluminium.It is applied by employing a specially developed wet process.The selective nano-composite is hydrophobic and fingerprint resistant.


1.Alusol is a nano-composite solar selective coating for solar thermal applications

2.High resistance against strong environmetal pollution

3.High resistance against humidity,condensation,oil and dirt.No special design precautions required for the collector

4.Low stagnation temperatures(expected stagnation temperature for typical flat plate collectors:170℃)

5.Ideal material for regions with high solar radiation

6.High"price-performance-ratio'leads to significant cost reductions in solar collectors

7.Expected 25 years durability(see SPF Task X Reports)

8.Coil-to-Coil Coating

9.10 year warranty

10.Hydrophobic surface

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