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PVD Technology

The total reflectance of common anodized aluminum is up to 86%. To increase the total reflectance, a few nanometers thick optical film must be coated on the aluminum surface under vacuum state.

In addition to common mirror aluminum products, Anometal also has ultra-high reflectivity products - V series. 

V series product is Anometal's latest developed aluminum product with superior reflectance, which is above 96%, even can reaches 98% maximumly.

V series adopts the up-to-date PVD technology of metal surface. It is consist of aluminum substrate, bonding layer, 99.99% purest aluminum and protective & enhanced reflective layers. Different from common combination of SiO2+ TiO2 protective & enhanced reflective layers, V series adopts the combination of TiO2+MgF2*. Compare to the convention combination, the total reflectance of V series is enhanced by 1.5% more through tests, in some batches even reached 98% uppermost, just almost equivalent to the reflectance achieved by plating 99.99% ultra pure silver. This product will greatly reduce the material cost for clients while still offer ultimate reflectance.

The distinguished spectral reflectance of V series product greatly increases the photosynthetic efficiency utilization of lighting, optics and solar facilities, enhances the quality and extends the life span of products. It plays a good part in saving energy and reducing energy consumption, etc. V series product meets need of high reflectance of aluminum products from clients.

*MgF2 introduction

Magnesium fluoride (MgF2) is applied in the optical system which is harsh to environment. It embraces a ultimate transmissivity in waveband of VUV and infrared (110nm – 8500nm). The radiation will not result in the generation of color center. MgF2 has a good mechanical capacity. It endures thermal and mechanical shock. It can only be split by a huge external force.

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